Merry Christmas from ilumin

As a special Christmas bonus read our Christmas Booklet to help inspire you for next year, and help you avoid going insane in your business in 2018. Even if you are not in business, the principles of reflecting on your past … Continued


How well are you adapting to the rapidly evolving landscape of Online Technology in your business? Here at ilumin we are committed to helping our clients identify the steps they can take to stay active in changing times.   In … Continued

Cashflow is not profit – and vice versa

The purpose of a business is to make money, and that means you have to know the difference between profit and cashflow. Net profit is what you have left after you deduct all your business expenses from all your revenue. You … Continued

What expenses can I claim for my Airbnb rental?

If you use Airbnb to provide short-term accommodation in your house in which you also live, the IRD’s “mixed-use asset (holiday home)” rules don’t apply and guests are not classed as boarders. Except when you list a whole house which … Continued

Make it easier for your customers to pay you

Are you having issues with your cashflow? Are your customers taking too long to pay you? A helpful solution is to enable other forms of payment to your customers, using your Xero Accounting Software.   By adding a payment service … Continued

Worried about underpaying salaried staff?

SmartPayroll Just Got Smarter! Do your salaried staff work additional hours? Are you worried about accidentally paying them less than the legal minimum wage if they do? If so – then SmartPayroll has the tool to make sure that you … Continued

Online Technology Health Check Part 1

How well are you adapting to the RAPIDLY EVOLVING landscape of ONLINE TECHNOLOGY in your business? At ilumin, we are committed to helping our clients identify the steps they can take to stay active in changing times.   Here are … Continued

Payroll end of year: Are you ready?

The end of the 2017 financial year is upon us and we just wanted to make sure you are aware of any upcoming changes that may affect you or your employees from 1 April:   The minimum wage is increasing by 50 … Continued

Are you and your business IT disaster ready?

Do you have contingencies in place to ensure your business can continue to function anywhere in the event of a natural disaster? Having been through this experience ourselves over the last couple of months, we have a few considerations that … Continued

News from ilumin

Welcome Back Cathy We are delighted to welcome Cathy Tolley back from Parental Leave, we have really missed her in the office, and her clients have been missing her too, so it’s great to have her back and she is quickly … Continued