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How well are you adapting to the rapidly evolving landscape of Online Technology in your business? Here at ilumin we are committed to helping our clients identify the steps they can take to stay active in changing times.


In part two of our series on this subject, here are a couple of things we recommend you take a few minutes to consider this month:


Do you have access to share your digital files with your accountant?

Goodbye fax machine! Scanning, attaching and emailing documents has become a widely accepted approach

to sharing files. But, email is for managing correspondence, not documents! You may like having attachments readily available but, the paperclip icon is no longer your friend. With shared servers and cloud-based storage tools like Onedrive and Dropbox, attaching files to emails is rarely necessary any more. One of our favourite digital file solutions here at ilumin is Xero files – this is a great feature of using Xero and allows you to easily save and share all your financial documents with us as well as:

  • attach files and documents to accounting transactions so related information is stored together in the same place
  • store your key business documents in the library, so all your records are stored and backed up online for easy reference and sharing
  • enter transactions with side-by-side files: see your files on-screen alongside the record you’re updating
Do you have a system for managing your emails?

In today’s connected business environment, we are all familiar with inbox chaos! Using your email programme for saving electronic files leads to version control problems, file duplication, and disorganisation. When you are dealing with large volumes of email that have to be manually filed or flagged, mistakes are often made and forgotten. It is much more efficient to choose a default location where you will save the vast majority of your electronic files. There is no complete solution to the problem but they are much better solutions out there with many that integrate to your Xero accounting software such as:

  • G Suite (by Google) – a powerful productivity tool that connects you to your colleagues, gives you access to your files and find what you need instantly
  • Office 365 – save time switching between the apps by surfacing the information where you’re communicating with your customers.
  • Suite Files – One easy cloud system to manage and connect all your files, emails, client documents to Microsoft Office

If the matters raised above bring any queries to mind that you would like further information on, please do not hesitate to call one of our Client Software Services Team on 04 385 3343 or email