Worried about underpaying salaried staff?


SmartPayroll Just Got Smarter!

Do your salaried staff work additional hours? Are you worried about accidentally paying them less than the legal minimum wage if they do?

If so – then SmartPayroll has the tool to make sure that you pay your staff correctly & meet your obligations under the minimum wage requirements, avoiding any conflicts with your staff or any prosecutions, fines or penalties you could incur.

SmartPayroll ‘s new tool is called “Farming Feature”. This is a Top Up feature that allows you to add additional hours worked without changing the salary. SmartPayroll will alert you if you need to top up employees pay to meet minimum wage requirements. When you enter hours worked a warning will pop up if pay is below minimum wage and gives you the option to top up employees pay so they are not underpaid.

So if your staff are salaried and sometimes work more than their standard hours, you will need to make sure you pay them correctly and SmartPayroll can help you make sure that you do.

If this article raises any ‘red flags’ for you, or you would like to find out more about SmartPayroll payroll software, then drop us a line Support@ilumin.co.nz and we will be happy to discuss this with you.